I love dogs and always view them with respect and friendliness. But there are some ground rules. You must never let any doubt remain in the dogs mind as to who is master. A dog who is unsure of who is master is likely to push you around and take advantage of your weakness. It is important you instill a sense of leadership in yourself as far as your dog is concerned. Basic rules for your dog like "It is unacceptable to show aggression to any kind of human, no matter how small", can keep a dog from bossing around or even frightening a baby just because it is small and weak.
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We must never forget that dogs are still animals who have been domesticated. They need to have a leader to follow, and you must provide that leadership. Otherwise you will face unwanted and undesired behavior Loving your dog doesn't mean you have to get overly indulgent. Otherwise you may find out that you're not the leader anymore!