It is winter-time and you must take extra care of your dog. Just like your own skin needs more care and moisture, so does your dog need more care. Here are few tips for caring for your furry friend during winter: - Make sure your dog has a dry, warm, doghouse that has a flap-type door and blankets to snuggle into. - Make sure there is plenty of fresh water to drink. Keep water bowls free of snow and ice. -The skin is drier and flakier during the winter months and you may notice a lusterless coat. If so, ask your vet about adding a tablespoon or two of vegetable oil to his food. - Bring your dog into the house when the temperatures drop. - Feed your dog a little more. They burn more calories in the cold, both to keep warm and because exercise is more strenuous when running through the snow. The more your dog is outside, the more extra fuel he'll need. -Keep an eye on your dog when you take him outside. Cold-wind chills can cut through short fur. Pet sweaters and even boots can be used if need be. Leave plenty of freedom of movement for walking, running, playing. Don't leave him outside for too long. -In case you see a dog outside alone in the cold try to inform the owner or any animal welfare agency. Take good care of your dog this winter and have fun!
Winter Dog