Discover the 10 Big Upgrades of Euro Puppy’s New Website’s

Euro Puppy is proud to announce the big launch our new website with its regenerated and radical new look, completely built up from the ground. This is a major improvement which we hope our customers will love, not only on their desktop but on all mobile devices as well.

An easy, friendly and enjoyable user experience was our aim: to that end we have made the site simple to navigate, made gorgeous photos of our puppies the centre piece, and also included more information about our company and the whole process of finding and ordering dogs.

We want you to be the first to enjoy our new site and to entice you to go and have a look we would like to introduce the 10 big upgrades that we have made to ensure the whole experience of choosing a puppy is a great one.

Mobile Friendly Webpage

1. Mobile Friendly
Everyone has a mobile device now, and so we have made 100% certain that you can use and enjoy the smoothest experience on our site, whatever the device you use.

2. Dog Park
See a puppy you like, and save it for later! Put your favourite pups in your personal dog park so you don’t have to search for them later.
Start using it today…

My Dog Park
Euro Puppy Team

3. Meet the Euro Puppy Team
Find out just who are the devoted people that help dog owners worldwide find their dream puppies.
View our team…

4. Videos
All the facts our fellow dog owners need to know. Join us in the Euro Puppy Office to find out everything from How Euro Puppy Works, to how to find the right dog breed for you!
Watch now…

Euro Puppy Videos
New Search Tools

5. Improved Search Tools
Want to see the latest puppies, or the most popular, or one particular breed, or even search by size. Now you have all these options to find your perfect puppy!

6. Improved Dog Reservation Process
Reserving your new puppy takes no time at all, so we can get to work preparing your puppy for their arrival.

Dog Reservation
Larger photos

7. Larger photos of our puppies for sale
When you look for your dream puppy you want to know and see every detail. So we are making sure every one of our puppies is introduced with beautiful, HD photos for your viewing pleasure.

8. Live Chat
Got a question, or need some help right now? Then just click on the chat button at the bottom of the page for advice and assistance from a Euro Puppy team member.

Live chat
Responsible Dog Owner Certificate

9. Responsible Dog Owner Exam
Euro Puppy is not just about finding homes for dogs, but helping our fellow dog lovers too. With this exam you can find out if you are ready for a new dog, and discover the key facts every dog owner should know.
Give it a try…

10. Informative Dog Breed Information with gorgeous photos
Euro Puppy at any time can have up to 175 breeds available. So we want to make sure that any dog lover has all the information, facts and knowledge about these breeds, as well as lots of big HD photos so you know what you might be getting!

Dog Breed Information

And one more thing!

To celebrate our 15th anniversary we have something very special to announce, we think it will surprise you!

We are delighted to unveil our Lifetime Health Guarantee, a daring new service, protecting our customers like no other. Euro Puppy really does stand by all our dog owners!

No other website comes even close to what we offer our dog owners!

We are proud, especially with the introduction of our Lifetime Guarantee, to be the leading online company for dedicated customer service. And with our new radical regeneration online we believe that Euro Puppy offers the most outstanding and enjoyable user experience.

The new special look is ready for action, check it out now!