Did you know that chocolate is toxic to dogs? I wish I knew this when I had my first dog Steffi. She used to love chocolates. And which dog wouldn't? Dogs have a sweet tooth (unlike cats who don't have 'sweet' taste buds) and any dog would gulp down chocolate immediately given half a chance!
Chocolate Image Credit: gullevek
But be wary. Chocolates contain theobromine which is toxic to dogs as they metabolize the chemical more slowly than humans. Merely 25 grams of bakers chocolate would be sufficient to bring about toxicity symptoms in your dog. Be wary! Heart attacks, and arrhythmia are common causes of death in dogs who are subjected to Theobromine poisoning. The initial symptoms though are nausea and vomiting. Note that dark chocolate contains significantly more theobromine than white chocolate. If you have accidentally fed your dog chocolate, or if your dog has managed to break into the the chocolate box (happens frequently :) ) and you notice any of the symptoms like diarrhea and increased urination, called the vet immediately.