So many people feel that a dog belongs on a leash. They either don't have the time, or patience to keep up with a young dog that's running around all over the place, so they make the dog stay in the backyard on a leash. That is just not right. A dog wasn't made for people to tie up permanently. They were meant to run wild, be free, and explore. Dog Keep in mind that tying up your dog for extended periods of time, or as a habit is a sure way to ruin the dog's temper. They're not healthy, both mentally and physically. They are likely to get aggressive and bolt at the first opportunity - Wouldn't you? Having a dog is a responsibility. If you've bought a dog by mistake and realize too late that you don't have the ability to care for him or her, then at least try and find a good home that will take care of them properly. It's no shame to you. Everyone makes mistakes. But you must take responsibility to correct those mistakes.