Finally, Products that Do What They Say They Do! Have you ever tried something and nothing has worked? Well, those days are OVER… Equicaninecare are proud to offer Antimicrobial Solutions of the highest standard within the industry of Pet Health for more reasons than you realise. Some of which are listed below: -Safe, Gentle, Immediate, Non-toxic, Preventative, Worry Free -99.9% Efficiency Rate -Cost Effective -Professionally endorsed -User Friendly Their product is the only one on the market with a 99.9% efficiency rate, and this is due to an active ingredient called “Benzylkonium Chloride”. It holds the same solution suspended in skin softeners and conditioners, which is a proprietary registered FDA formula created for the medical industry. Using this formula results in accelerated healing by keeping the wound bacteria and infection free without the side effects of stripping the skin from its natural oils. Allowing wounds to heal from the inside out, this means the body will not waste energy on fighting off infection, but instead uses the same energy to repair damaged tissue in its most natural state. Equicaninecare's products are PH balanced, and unlike iodine and alcohol, will not dry out the skin with extended use. The only logical solution for your dog's and horse's skin problems!