Healthy and Happy Puppies Find Loving Homes in the Far-East! While successfully integrating itself into the Middle-Eastern minds, the Far-East has also proved to be a market with wonderful potentials for Euro Puppy. With many success stories in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, China (Hong Kong) and Japan, Euro Puppy can now safely say, that they are the top provider of the highest quality European puppies from the best European breeders! A satisfied customer saw the arrival of his much-awaited French Bulldog in Singapore. Although regulations made it impossible for him to immediately take his puppy home, as one month quarantine was compulsory, the little French Bulldog found a loving home with his Singaporean family after 30 days. Euro Puppy has a loyal customer in Hong Kong as well, who has come back not once, not twice, but four times to Euro Puppy, to expand her “collection” Tibetan Mastiffs! She is often stopped by locals, and she is told that her dogs are some of the best Tibetan Mastiffs in Hong Kong! The satisfied owner remarks: “I am very proud to say that my four Tibetan Mastiffs are the top of their breed, here in Hong Kong. Euro Puppy only gives the Best. I am lucky to have found Euro Puppy and I am happy to have this wonderful breed!” Her dogs are non-aggressive as well, while the ones born in China seem to be. Euro Puppy’s top European breeders have taken the aggression out of this mammoth-sized breed to make them loving family members and astute guard-dogs as well. Another Euro Puppy puppy to have arrived to Hong Kong is the rather rare and large Hungarian Komondor breed that goes by the name of “White Rock”. He remains one of the few if not the only one of his kind in the whole of Hong Kong!
The Far East
  Recently two Irish Wolfhounds arrived to their Japanese home as well. After some red-tape, the Japanese Government finally approved the importation of these goliath dogs that originate from Ireland. Japan has very strict regulations about canines, due to their fear of rabies. But these muscular and massive dogs have finally arrived to their destination after waiting three months for the “go-ahead” to come from Japan! One must definitely also mention the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that found a very loving home in Thailand. This little dog found fame overnight! Upon his arrival, he became the cover of the best-selling pet magazine in Thailand! “Anton” is the name he answers to and he has not only appeared in shows but he has won numerous titles as well. Apart from this little guy, other large-bodied breeds like the Neapolitan Mastiff have also found wonderful new homes on numerous occasions in Thailand and the rest of the Far-East. The fact that the beautiful, healthy puppies that customers find through Euro Puppy is only further evidence that the puppies for sale do indeed come from not only the best stock, but they are specially cared for as well by the top breeders of Europe. The shipping of all the puppies to the Far–East occurs via strict and hygienic conditions! Despite the lengthy paperwork, that often accompanies the puppies to the Far-East, Euro Puppy is always excited to know that the top quality puppies from Euro Puppy do indeed put a smile on faces around the globe…and this time in the Far- East as well!