Euro Puppy is always happy to get pictures of pups, that either stay small even as adults or grow into large Goliaths, like these Top Quality European Blue Great Danes at Blue River Breeders. They were purchased from Euro Puppy and we are happy to know that the standard of quality and the breeding of this beautiful breed is taken to new heights elsewhere.
Beautiful Blue Great Danes
Blue colored Great Danes are of giant size, gentle personality and of gorgeous color. The blue is almost a steely, metallic blue that is unique and rare. Often called the Apollo of dogs, the Great Dane can trace its paw prints as far back as the times of the Egyptians. Regardless of where in the world their gene-pool develops, it is good to know that loving families and top quality breeders of Great Danes perpetuate the beauty of this breed even further. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us! Visit Euro Puppy to learn more about our rare, blue, champion-line, European Great Danes for sale!