Euro Puppy Team 10 years is a long time by any standards. It's enough for a teenager to grow into an adult and it's more than the average life expectancy of a Bernese Mountain Dog. For Euro Puppy, 10 years was enough to become the largest puppy finder service, with more than 2000 happy customers in almost 100 countries. When we started Euro Puppy in 2001, we had no such ambitions. We just wanted the rest of the world to have access to the beautiful dogs Europe has to offer. In the first few years we only placed puppies in US homes, but over the years more and more requests came in from other countries. Today, we have customers in remote locations such as the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Madagascar or Japan. Our 10th birthday is an important milestone in the life of our team and company so we have decided to celebrate in kind. Throughout 2011, we will surprise our customers with special offers, starting with an insane, 10 Year Satisfaction Guarantee.