Many dog owners ask whether or not they should cut their dog's toenails (or paw nails). It's true that cutting the nails of dogs is very common though it requires a little bit of judgment as to how much to cut as it is very easy to cut a bit too deep and cause a lot of pain to your dog.

Dog's toenail

In my experience, dogs that get a lot of exercise on rough surfaces like a terrace or a road will not have claws that need trimming at all. This is because the nails naturally trim down due to rough usage. It makes sense if you think about it - after all, who cuts their nails in the wild? (You may ask the same thing about brushing their teeth as well, but that's slightly different).

However, if you feel that your dog's nails do need cutting, you can achieve this with a pair of clippers that you use for gardening. Also, you might want to trim your puppy's nails from the beginning otherwise they will be not too pleased to have it done to them later on, and keeping them still while you perform this delicate operation isn't easy.