All too often, choices of what dog to buy are based on seeing a puppy picture. The puppy wins over your heart, and your hand steals to your wallet. But wait! Remember that ALL puppies are cute, and while puppies are a delight to be with, remember that when they grow up, they will lose all their puppy qualities and take over the mantle of the breed they belong to. The puppy you are about to buy will resemble to one or both of the parents. If that is what you want GO FOR IT!
Adult and Puppy
Your choice of dog should depend on many factors including what sort of dog you finally want - large, hairy, playful, aggressive, and whether or not you are ready for one. Look at your house, your surrounding, your family and your future plans before deciding to commit to a dog which is no less of a responsibility than a baby. For puppy and adult photos please visit Euro Puppy.