The 1950’s conjure up images of stars wearing fur. Be that Sophia Loren or Elizabeth Tailor. But draping a skin around one’s neck or wearing a large coat of fur is sadly still with us; even in the 21st century. Stars like Jennifer Lopez admit even today – after controversial sightings of her being swathed in a floor-length stitched-together mink fur coat- that fur is still one of her favorite accessories. Whatever your views, those people fortunate enough to be able to walk their dog instead of draping a Gucci-designed fur shawl around their shoulder will agree with Charlize Theron. The stunning South African actress, who can also boast with an Oscar Award, is a proud supporter of PETA: the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Her controversial, but highly effective PETA campaign shows her with her dog Tucker. The slogan reads: “If you wouldn’t wear your dog, please don’t wear any fur”. This campaign was a reaction against the electrocution of chinchillas, so that fur coats could be made out of them. The Fur is Dead campaign aims to bring to light the fact that our love for animals should not be ignored. We all love fur…but I sincerely believe that we love them when they are still supported by all fours, with a happy tailwag and a healthy, pink tongue hanging out of a dentine-rich canine smile! Surely that is worth more than what any fur coat could offer? Euro Puppy has been making families happy for the passed 7 years. Bringing love and hope to families who have dreamed of owning a healthy, socialized and purebred puppy. Our children grew up with Disney's 101 Dalmatians, where Cruella de Ville hoped to make that long fur coat out of the puppies too. We were all shocked then as well…so what has changed now? Disney may have sent subliminal messages back in 1961 with the 101 Dalmatians…and now PETA is perpetuating the message even further. Love your dogs…adore your puppies. And most of all….whichever animal species catches your attention; make sure it is for the sole reason of gazing at the wonders of nature, instead of imagining it draped around your neck! With more people like Charlize Theron and PETA, hopefully the message will get delivered. Forget the 1950’s, love your dogs and animals, and don’t wear fur. Euro Puppy’s team of devoted dog-lovers also believe in the fight for the ethical treatment of animals. Let us not become Cruella de Ville's of the World. Please.
Charlize Theron and Tucker
Cruella de Ville