Humans have been living with dogs for around 15,000 years now. It was in prehistoric times that wolves began spending time with our ancient relatives. They provided superior hunting and security skills. We provided food, warmth - and pleasant company. It is only recently, however, that we have understood that our dog’s behaviour is linked to their ancient past. Scientists have come to see that, just like wolves, domestic dogs are hard wired to be pack animals. You can take the wolf out of the wolf pack but you can't take the wolf pack out of the dog. The reason so many dog owners run into problems with their dogs is that they don’t realise this simple truth. By grasping this fact they could transform their lives with their dogs. The fact is that, while they are instinctively pack members, the vast majority of dogs don’t want to be pack leaders. What most dogs do want however is to understand their place in the domestic pack. This is where all obedience training needs to begin. Once a dog understands the pack structure within its home, it will be a happy and contented canine. Establishing leadership of your domestic pack is something that any owner can achieve. There are many products out there that can show you how to do this. Best-selling books by people such as The Dog Listener and The Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan are extremely popular and helpful.