Just a slight blog on litter box training.....we are training our yorkie to do his "thing"in a littler box....EXCELLENT idea, he is taking to it perfectly. We are avid world travellers, which Ireland has got to become accustomed to as he will be coming along, and we live in a second story flat, so the business of Ireland doing his "business" was of concern to us, we discussed many options before Ireland's arrival, but decided that the litter box was the perfect solution for travel, and for our deck...no messes, and can be taken anywhere with ease..no worries of running out in the rain or unperfect weather conditions. Ireland has already mastered buisness training and runs out to his covered box on the deck does his thing, and then anxiously runs inside for his GOOD DOG treats. ..One thing I can say Yorkies are incredibly intelligent dogs...Ireland is only 12 weeks old, and picks up good habits ( and bad LOL LOL) quickly. He is going to be a joy to train and have fun with, I can't wait to start agility training with him...purely for Mom and Ireland's entertainment only....no competions for him...fun fun fun is the name of the game living in Cyprus. we moved here from Newfoundland Canada to get away from the stress of everyday life...so Ireland will have to learn to play the no stress game too LOL LOL The litterbox consists of an open kitty litter pan, and some kitty litter. We built the poophouse cover out of OSB board ,very inexpensive, and easy to cut with hand tools. The One suggestion I might add for anyone who is thinking on training for a litter box....start out right from the beginning with NON clumping kitty litter (less messy on the fur) we have found one thing..Yorkies are very fussy and if you change things they get up tight and stubborn. We used CLUMPING kitty litter, and if wet sticks to the fur, we tried to change it to NON clumping, and Ireland let us know straight away that we had done a bad thing...so we are back to clumping kitty litter, and baby wipes for the feet if they get dirty.