COMA 22 months old male black and tan,BIMPA is 21 months female red color and NALA 10 months old female sable color. Thanks to Eddie for all his wonderful help. I will not keep on asking Eddie to find a perfect TM for me If I am not happy and satisfied of my choice and of course I rely heavily on Eddie's judgement. Europuppy will only give the BEST. I am very proud to say that my 3 Tibetan Mastiff are the top TM here in Hong Kong. I first saw Coma in EP website we feel in love with him he is perfect. We were amazed and he keeps us fascinate with his antics that after few months I keep on bugging Eddie to find a female companion for my boy. So we have Bimpa she's 9 months old when she arrives HK but she's lovely,a very very good dog. After few months again we have Nala she is unique with her lovely color and great personality. My 3 TM get along very well together they give us so much joy, happiness and love. As they said in the book to be love by a Tibetan Mastiff is a great privilage. I am lucky to find Europuppy and I am happy to share my experienced and my happiness to have this wonderful breed of dog. My