My First best FriendEveryone who had a dog in their childhood appreciates the positive effect dogs can have on children. A dog can be a child's best friend, one who is always up for some fun even if human friends are tired and one who is always there to provide love and affection, when humans are busy with their own business. Not to mention the responsibility children learn by taking care of a dog on a regular basis. This can help the development of their personality and insure their balanced emotional life for adulthood.    But how can you tell if your children are ready for a dog? Is this something to do with age? As My First Best Friend reveals, age has little to do with it, however, there are a number of vital  questions you need to ask and answer honestly, to tell if your children are ready for a dog. Once you have considered every eventuality carefully and are ready to buy that special puppy, you are suddenly faced with many new questions and decisions to make. "My First Best Friend" will guide you through the process of selecting the breed and buying your puppy, preparing your home for its arrival and making sure that your children are safe. To ensure your children's first puppy is a success, buy My First Best Friend for only $19.97 in a downloadable and printable ebook format or receive the contents of the ebook FREE in a five part newsletter series in five consecutive weeks.