Shakespeare rightly asked: "What's in a name?" Well in our case, everything we stand for. For the passed 7 years, Euro Puppy has offered healthy and happy puppies to satisfied customers from over 50 countries. It is by now a recognized brand worldwide, the ultimate one-stop puppy finder and a registered trademark! Euro Puppy doesn't work with pet stores and nor does it work with puppy mills. All the puppies at Euro Puppy come from top quality European breeders, who maintain the breed standards of over 150 different breeds. Euro Puppy adheres to the regulations pertaining to the right time when a puppy can be taken away from his or her mother. Puppies are not taken away from their mothers too early. This is often the case with pet stores and the puppies have less time to receive the love that they require from their mothers. All the puppies are examined by a staff veterinarian prior to being shipped to their new families. Every puppy is sold with a lifetime guarantee and all the breeders undergo quality assurance programs by Euro Puppy. Thus the high standards are maintained at all times. We build families with puppy love Keep reading... You might have come across Euro Puppy in Last Vegas. Yes, there exists a pet store by the name of Euro Puppy in Las Vegas. However, this is a pet shop specializing in only small breeds and dog accessories. It has no connection to Euro Puppy Inc. whatsoever. Dreaming of a top-quality, pure-bred and healthy puppy from the champion-lines of Europe no longer has to stay a dream. You can easily contact us at Euro Puppy . If you have been looking for a puppy from a pet store in Las Vegas, sadly we cannot help you there. Of course, if you are located in Las Vegas (or anywhere else in the world for that matter!) and you are searching for a healthy puppy of pure-bred, champion-line ancestry, then of course we are at your service! The two companies may have the same name, but we are in no way connected, and the services we offer differ greatly as well. Our goal has always been to build families and to make dreams come true. Like Gene Hill rightly said: “Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies." Euro Puppy has been building families with puppy love. We can help you build yours.