We were recently contacted by a customer from Abu Dhabi. I would like to quote her letter below: “Dear Eddie, everyone suggests we contact you, My husband and I are looking for a healthy virus free puppy. We are interested in a cocker spaniel. A week ago we bought a cocker spaniel puppy in Dubai that was imported from the Netherlands, it had a passport with vaccine stickers stamped and signed from the vet. My puppy died last night from parvo and while he was in hospital, there was another puppy with the same passport and same vaccine sticker with the exact same number code for each vaccine, it turned out these people lied about the dogs being vaccinated and dewormed. Both the pups had parvo. We are truly saddened by the matter and I hope Euro puppy is not like that? Please send me the information regarding the shipping fees, vaccines, the true age of the puppies and what is the process to bring these pups into Abu Dhabi.” We have noticed that Classified sites in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been flooded with puppies offered from the Netherlands for unbelievably low prices lately. As the old saying goes “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t”. Please be VERY CAREFUL when deciding to purchase a puppy from classifieds offered for under market prices. Not only are you risking your money, but as our customer's example shows, innocent puppies’ lives are at stake, not to mention the emotional strain on your family. Please be very thorough in your research and don’t support careless puppy breeding. Instead, go with a proven, trusted service such as Euro Puppy. Our service is dedicated to the puppy's well-being and to satisfying the customer's needs. Euro Puppy offers puppies for sale with a 10 year satisfaction guarantee and is proud to showcase testimonials from hundreds of happy dog owner all over the world.