At Euro Puppy we would like to wish everyone a Joyous Festive Season and Happy Holidays! One can hardly think of Christmas without the concept of gift giving. In today’s day and age, gifts range from the classic, to the wacky. The really memorable ones are those which are funny, clever, convenient and useful. As the top provider of healthy and happy puppies, we believe that it is also our responsibility to ask you to bear a few things in mind when contemplating giving a puppy as a gift this Christmas. Buying a puppy is a serious decision that one makes... during the Christmas season or otherwise. It is always better to let someone select their own four-legged companion, based on their own likes and wants. Buying a puppy for Christmas as a gift is by all means acceptable, as long as you get the Right Dog . You'll have to ask your family member what breed they want. After all, there are over 150 breeds to choose from! A puppy as a gift should definitely not come as a surprise - If you're planning on buying a Christmas puppy, make sure the recipient wants a puppy. Don't drop a bundle of responsibility on someone who doesn't want that responsibility. Otherwise, it'll end up at the shelter, and likely to be put down. A puppy must bond with his new owner and if the whole family pitches in and helps, it becomes easier to give a stable environment and enough attention to a new puppy . A gift or a toy can easily be returned. But a puppy is a living, breathing creature. It cannot be hired out, like a good movie, and then when the festive season is over, you return him in goodwill. Care for the puppy, should come from the whole family. First and foremost, the recipient, should be well prepared...much like an expectant mother, getting ready to go to the hospital, by packing her "little suitcase".
A puppy for Xmas
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This is a serious responsibility that ranges from 10-20 years! Of course, there is nothing to beat the unconditional love that a puppy can offer. So, before and during the festive season, take some time out and research the breeds. Look at your own lifestyle if you are buying a puppy for yourself, or the preferences of your recipient, if it will be a gift. Look at our breed info about our breeds, and contact our sales team, if a puppy is “singing Christmas carols to you”. We have a wonderful selection of puppies and a wide selection of breeds from the best European breeders. Once you have researched the topic well enough you can safely jump into what will be the most rewarding shopping of your life. Impulsive shopping and puppy-love do not go hand in hand. Please remember that. At Euro Puppy, our dedicated team of dog-lovers is always happy to give advice, and to help you choose a puppy that has melted your heart. We always strive to make every customer happy. We believe that by offering the highest quality and healthiest puppies from the top-champion lines of Europe, there is also a certain amount of responsibility on the part of the buyer too. The last thing that we would like to see is that these happy puppies are taken to a shelter or given away, because impulsive festive shopping got the better of an enthusiastic buyer. The whole family can have much more love with the addition of a puppy this Christmas. Just bear in mind, there will be fewer "silent nights". We at Euro Puppy do hope that you will think about your decision of buying a puppy wisely. Bearing in mind which puppy melted your heart, we will do our utmost to make your dream of owning a puppy become a reality this Christmas. At Euro Puppy we are here to make your dreams come true. Happy Holidays!