Lufthansa has recently changed its regulations regarding the transportation of certain dog breeds. According to the new rules, a Rottweiler - and 11 other breeds - older than six months is now considered dangerous and therefore must be transported in a special shipping container. container The special container is similar to what lions, tigers and other wild animals are transported in and it is also as expensive. In spite of this, Euro Puppy continues to recommend this magnificent breed, the Rottweiler for sale, because we know from long experience, that the Rottweiler is not an aggressive and dangerous breed by nature. Any dog can get aggressive and bite if early socialization and training was not provided, which is clearly not the dog’s, but the owner’s fault. In fact, the Rottweiler is a peaceful and protective dog by nature and can be a great family member. Most people don’t know, but the main reason for a dog to bite is fear. When a dog feels threatened or its life in danger, it will act instinctively and bite, regardless of the breed. But dogs, including Rottweilers, don’t bite for fun. There is good news for Euro Puppy’s customers, however. Euro Puppy will not let the new airline regulations affect its customers. We are initiating negotiations with Lufthansa to get the airline to reconsider the new rules, which, in our view, will do more harm than good. In the meantime, we will do our best to find an alternative airline and have the dog shipped in a regular crate or if this is not possible, Euro Puppy will pay for any increase in shipping costs to save our customers from excess financial expenditure.