Puppy Cards app Having seen the overwhelmingly positive response after we lanched our first app last year, we couldn't hold back... While our first app focuses on helping you to find your dream puppy, this time we put fun in the centre of attention. We all know that buying a new puppy is one of the biggest decisions in our lives. And once we have our new fluffy friend with us, we just want to tell everyone! Our new app, Puppy Cards, makes that really simple and fun. You just take a photo of your pup with your phone or pick one you'd taken earlier, write up a short message to go with the photo and there you go, you have a beautiful postcard to send to all your friends and loved ones. Puppy Cards app In addition, the app pins your postcard on a map so that future owners can see if there are dogs and owners where they live. The app can use your current location automatically, but you can also enter a city manually. The app is free to download and use for everyone, not just Euro Puppy customers. Go have fun!