Many times while walking along a road, you will come across a cute or handsome dog being walked by his owner, and you will want to go upto them and pet them. This may be dangerous. First, look at the dog. Does he look happy, or afraid? A dog can be nervous of strangers and can react oddly out of fear. It usually helps to ask the owner - "Is he friendly?", and if she says yes, you can usually go ahead and make friendly overtures - but not too friendly if you sense that the dog isn't ready yet. dogs on leash Interestingly, I find that the dogs in countries where there are a lot of humans around like India, are more friendly than countries where contact with humans is more restricted. In India, there are people all over the roads and in the vicinity all the time, and this seems to make them more comfortable around humans in general. I have found most of the dogs on a leash in India friendly and apt to wag their tail and joyously make for even a stranger when I see them approaching.....not in America, where the canines seem more cautious.