So how come we find that small dogs are more pushy than large ones? People invariably find that the smaller the dog, the more yappy, and arrogant it is. Of course, small dogs are lovable as much as large ones, but people more or less agree that this difference in behavior is not imaginary. There are two explanations for this. Mine, and those of some others :) My personal explanation is that small dogs are more insecure. They feel that unless they assert themselves, they will get left out and will fall behind. I have noticed that this assertion often doesn't translate into actual aggression. It's mostly show. However, there are people who say that small dogs are more yappy because they are allowed to get away with it. The logic goes that big dogs are instantly reprimanded if they show dominant behavior like jumping on top of you, whereas these activities are tolerated and even encouraged. This encourages them to develop behaviors that are aggressive and irritating. I must say that there is a lot of sense in this line of reasoning.
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