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10 facts you didn’t know about Vizsla dogs

Fact #1 In a way the Vizsla has more in common with cats than other dogs. No, it doesn’t purr and meow, but it’s a self cleaning dog and has very little of the odour most other dogs possess. So the Vizsla is an ideal match for those with a sensitive nose and no desire to bath their dog every week.

How To: Introducing Puppy to Cat

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to avoid the problematic situation of introducing puppy to cat is to consider before buying any pet which way you want to go. This is because it is generally accepted that it is easier to introduce a kitten to a dog than a puppy to a cat, as grown cats tend to be more...

Socializing Your Puppy: How to Ensure Your Puppy Grows Up to Be a Happy and Playful Dog

Many prospective dog owners worry about how to ensure their young puppies grow up to be happy dogs with good temperaments. However, the answer to that worry is deceptively simple: socialization. A well-socialized puppy almost always grows up to be a loving dog, as dogs generally do not fear or dislike experiences they encountered in their first three months of...