Hello Everybody! Let me introduce myself. My name is Mario and I have been with Euro Puppy for over two years now. I run the US division of this widely-recognized company. My love for all animals and dogs in particular has taken me far and wide. I currently have 40 dogs, and over 30 years’ experience in caring for and raising different breeds. Apart from dogs, I have – and have had- all kinds of wonderful exotic animals as well; including primates, tigers, lions, hawks, eagles, crocodilians, etc. Our goal is to educate the public about the importance of preserving different species that may very well become extinct in the wild in the future. However, my number one passion remains dogs. I would like to offer my knowledge, to assist you in caring for and raising your puppy. If you may have any questions regarding the health or training of your puppy, please do not hesitate to contact me. As part of Euro Puppy’s unique post-purchase service, we are here to make your life with your furry friend the best it can be. With my experience and expertise, caring for your puppy will be smooth-sailing. So Ask Euro Puppy USA... (Just fill out the contact us form)