Owning dogs in Saudi Arabia as pets is becoming increasingly popular in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As local veterinarians will tell you, more and more Saudis are choosing to have a dog, rather than any other pets. But dog ownership is proving especially popular with the growing expatriate population. golden retriever This trend seems to counteract the Islamic tradition, which considers dogs unclean animals and therefore only allows keeping them for a specific purpose, such as hunting or guarding. But it is the German Shepherd that is the most popular dog breed in Saudi Arabia, which often matches that working or guard dog category. But there are many other breeds becoming popular, which could be considered as more family dogs, including the Labrador, Golden Retriever, Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Collie and the Pug. Unfortunately it is very common that you can get a dog in pet stores offering puppies for sale in Saudi Arabia, but these are often not healthy or properly pure bred, and their origins are uncertain. But also local breeders are also starting to appear, but they are still few and far between. If you are looking for a rare breed, or want a more experience breeder, choosing from abroad, through experienced places like Euro Puppy, is the best option. Saudi Arabia Importing dogs to Saudi Arabia is not exactly hassle free. The Saudi authorities will require a health certificate and a letter from a licensed veterinarian addressed to the Director of Customs, Saudi Arabia. Both documents must be authenticated by the Department of Agriculture Veterinary Service Office and the State Department's Authentications Office and attested by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. This is why Euro Puppy is here to help with all the preparations. We have the experience of getting a puppy to Saudi Arabia smoothly, and work with the best partners over there to ensure that your perfect puppy can reach you without you having to go through hurdles.