The shipping and exporting of puppies and dogs to Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and many other South- and central American countries has never been an easy task. Dog-lovers living in South and Central America have had a difficult time in finding the best quality puppies of their choice. Nowadays, however, it is a smooth proceedure and can indeed be done from Europe! Euro Puppy has been making dog-lovers proud and satisfied in Latin America. With the help of its sister company, Euro Puppy USA which is located in Miami, the shipping of the puppies and dogs has become much easier. Euro Puppy USA not only alleviates the problems, but the Salespersons and Staff are Spanish-speaking so the procedure is hassle-free and customer-oriented. The first Moscow Watchdog, Caucasian Mountain Dog and two healthy Bernese Mountain Dog puppies have been shipped to Mexico, where they have loving families now. Komondors – a rare Hungarian breed- have also safely arrived to Brazil and to Venezuela with a Lifetime Guarantee - which all puppies come with. Sales to many of the Latin American countries is challenging since often the shipping of puppies goes with more paperwork than expected. Some companies struggle to ship the puppies there directly. Another challenge for dog-lovers living in South America - wanting purebred, champion-line puppies- is that they end up paying an exuberant amount of import tax at their end, if the procedures don’t go as smoothly as planned from Europe. However these problems have been alleviated by Euro Puppy. With Euro Puppy and Euro Puppy USA working hand-in-hand, the puppies are sent directly to Euro Puppy USA in Miami from the heart of Europe and from there the puppies are sent in a speedy and convenient way to South and Central America! Spanish speaking Latin Americans also have the opportunity of getting acquainted with the Spanish version of the Euro Puppy website. It has been specially created for the Spanish-speaking community so their search for the right puppy is easy, comfortable and hassle-free. All puppies are checked by a staff veterinarian prior to being shipped to Miami, and strict quality control programs make certain that the puppies from European breeders are of the highest quality. Every South - and Central American's dream of owning a puppy can now become a reality!
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