1. A dog's parents will never visit you. 2. A dog loves you when you leave your clothes on the floor. 3. A dog limits its time in the bathroom to a quick drink. 4. A dog never expects you to telephone. 5. A dog will not get mad at you if you forget its birthday. 6. A dog does not care about the previous dogs in your life. 7. A dog does not get mad at you if you pet another dog. 8. A dog never expects flowers on Valentine's Day. 9. The later you arrive, the happier a dog is to see you.... 10. A dog does not shop. This has to be shared! Although I am a gal, I still find it funny. I came upon it , while reading another puppy blog, called "Miniature Yorshire Terrier" Blog. I do hope they won't mind me quoting them, but this is just too cute.