You sit, looking at your dog that has been with you for a countless number of years. You wonder..."If Spot was actually a old would he be? Would he still play ball, or sit under the tree in the garden like Grandpa?"...Well dogs age differently and the magical 7 years does not always apply. Euro Puppy is proud to present some very interesting and useful statistics -that was performed in the US. The results are based on a chart developed by Dr. Fred L. Metzger, State College, PA. All dog-lovers who want to know the real age of their human years, look at your dog's age...then look at what weight category in pounds he or she belongs to. You will then see the age equivalent in human years.
Dog Age
It is also important to note that larger breeds of dogs have a shorter life span than smaller dogs, and a small dog may mature more quickly in the first few years than a large dog would.