Question: Dog Cruelty & Injured Pets - Questions from a California Dog Owner “I know of two possible times of animal cruelty where the dogs have been abused by the owner by kicking, beating with a belt, under-feeding, etc. This really disturbs me as I have always loved animals. I need to take some kind of action if I knew what I could do. I know that the Humane Society might not be of much help in this type of situation, and if they were, might take similar steps to that of the pound. So therefore, I do not believe the dogs would be much better off.” “My second question is about injured animals. What can I do one sees an injured animal along side the road? Once again, I would love to help but have heard so much about how the city likes to throw animals into pounds and how they fail to treat injured dogs and cats. Do you have any advice on how a person should handle a situation like this?” Read the answer... Answer: A few years ago, a spokesperson from the San Diego County Human Society and S.P.C.A. replied to these questions with the following quote: “Humane Societies within the state of California are autonomous organizations, and have no connection with each other, other than most of the major societies in the state belong to the California State Humane Association.” They go on to say: “Unless this person had unfortunate experiences with their local Humane Society, I feel it is unfair to presume that they 'might not be of much help in this situation'. All major humane societies in California have State Humane Officers who are sworn to uphold the laws of the State of California relative to cruelty, and these officers are the logical people to accept and investigate any complaints regarding cruelty to any animal.” And in response to the second question, the spokesperson explains: “Relative to the second question concerning injured animals: Section 597f of the Penal Code clearly states that, 'It shall be the duty of all officers of pounds or humane societies, and animal regulation departments of public agencies to convey, and for police and sheriff's departments, to cause to be conveyed all injured cats and dogs found without their owners in a public place directly to a veterinarian.'” “So regardless of what rumors you may have heard, it is perhaps unfair to again assume that the city pound or Humane Society in your area, or any other city for that matter, would fail to treat an injured dog or cat, and until you first-hand knowledge in this matter I think is best that you call for their assistance.” Article by Karen Olson of Oh My Dog Supplies, your top spot to purchase dog toys online.