The day that your career counselor asks you about your pet, may be closer to the present than you might think. We all know that the people, animals and things we surround ourselves with convey a message to the world about our personalities, about who we really are. What may surprise many of us, however, is that people with different kinds of pets tend to seek and find different professions. An American, nationwide survey, carried out by CareerBuilder, finds a correlation between chosen profession, compensation, job satisfaction and pets. The survey included more than 2300 workers who owned pets.  The findings include:
  • Workers with dogs were more likely to report holding senior management positions (CEO, CFO, Senior Vice President, etc…)
  • Workers with snakes/reptiles were the most likely to report earning six figures.
  • Workers with birds were the most likely to report being satisfied with their jobs.
The fact that dog owners are more likely to hold decision making positions implies that dog owners are more decisive than the rest of the population. This is probably because, in our experience, dog owners tend to be more in balance and have a peace of mind. In terms of career paths, owners of certain pets were more likely to report being drawn to certain professions:
  • Dog owners were more likely to be professors, nurses, information technology professionals, military professionals and entertainers
  • Cat owners were more likely to be physicians, real estate agents, science/medical lab technicians, machine operators and personal caretakers
  • Fish owners were more likely to be human resources professionals, financial professionals, hotel and leisure professionals, farming/fishing/forestry professionals and transportation professionals
  • Bird owners were more likely to be advertising professionals, sales representatives, construction workers and administrative professionals
  • Snake/reptile owners were more likely to be engineers, social workers, marketing/public relations professionals, editors/writers and police officers
We are not certain, whether adopting a dog will actually increase your chances of getting that IT job or whether it will help you become a better entertainer, but we are absolutely sure that having a four legged companion will make you a happier person.