I often wonder at people who collect dogs for show and critically examine each for defects. It's almost as if they say - "If you have a defect, you're not worthy of my attention". In my opinion, unless the passion for "The perfect dog" is coupled with a greater love for dogs in general, then it's proof that the person is just doing it to push themselves up, and not for a love of dogs at all. See how in this poem, a dog pleads to demonstrate that he or she isn't built of eye candy. It makes us realize that all dogs are special. And you don't need to be a pretty dog to be a great friend.  
Yes, I Am A Show Dog They asked if I’m a show dog, I heard my Mom say "No". She said that I was better, And didn’t need to go. I show my family that I love them, With hugs and kisses true, With extra special tenderness, When one is sick or blue. I show my family that I care, Almost every day, When strangers pass by our house, I shoo them all away. I show my family I adore them, When I greet them at the door, With happy yips and wagging tail, Who could ask for any more? I show my family that I’m loyal, And love them all the same, When they make mistakes with me, Or forget to play my favorite game. I show my kids that I’ll protect them, When Monsters come in the night, I chase them all out the window, And cuddle to ease the fright. So I may not be a show dog, With pretty hair and bows, But my family, they do love me, And it’s for them that I do show. ---By Marian Whitley---