Size doesn't matter? No matter what you have been told, size does matter - at least when it comes to Bulldogs. In fact, the smaller the Bulldog, the better. More people are looking for "Mini Bulldogs" than they are for Bulldogs. The reason for this could be that people love lapdogs, but want to have a brave and gentle Bulldog at the same time. While Miniature Bulldogs have not yet been acknowledged by any major kennel club as a separate breed, there are two ways of breeding Mini Bulldogs. The first is mixing a Bulldog with a pug, which will result a cross breed dog, smaller in size, but still resembling a Bulldog. At Euro Puppy, we don't support this method, as we believe that existing breeds and their characteristics should be preserved as they are today. The second way of breeding Minis is breeding pure English Bulldogs that are on the lower end of the breed standard size range. And this is why our Minis are called Miniature English Bulldogs, because they belong to the same breed as English Bulldogs, but are smaller in size. Read more on this here. If you visit our Miniature English Bulldog puppies for sale, you will discover that we have more amazing puppies listed than usual. This is part of our preparation for Christmas, because in our years of experience, as Christmas approaches, more and more families think about getting a little furry friend, especially a purebred Mini English Bulldog. Rocky is one of our beautiful Minis. According to his breeder, he is the most active pup in the litter and wouldn't stop playing and running around. This cute little energy ball will make someone very happy. mini bulldog Gaffer is a 6 week old male with a beautiful red and white coat. He inherited his Champion parents' disposition, which makes him all the more irresistible. mini bulldog puppy Nemo was born in the same litter and he is so cute that if you have him in your arms, you never want to let him go. mini bulldog puppy All of these fine Bully puppies are ready for a new forever home. If you'd like one of them to fill your Christmas with love, you'd better move now.