Lennox - Our Akita Inu

Los Altos Hills, United States

Lennox - Our Akita Inu
Los Altos Hills, United States
Date of Birth
Aug 28, 2006
Heather Mozart
Los Altos Hills, United States

Owner’s Review

Hello Eddie,

Just a quick note to say Hello! I’ve attached a recent photo of “Wild Thing” the Akita we purchased from you last November.

We renamed him “Lennox” and he has been a real joy to everyone in the family. He transitioned with ease into his new home and has been easy to train. We attend puppy training classes once a week and he responds well to direction. He has been well socialized, loves people, children and all animals. We have a six year old daughter who plays with him constantly and he has bonded with her extremely well. We live on three acres so he has plenty of room to roam. I’m amazed how much attention he attracts from people when I walk him, very few recognize that he is an Akita breed but do remark on what a handsome dog he is at just six months old. We are looking forward to many years of joy he will bring to our family!

In closing I just want to thank you for representing such fine puppies! We love our dog and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again or recommend your puppy service to anyone looking for quality pets!

Thank you,

Heather Mozart

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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
10-12 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
5 to 7
Extra Large
Dogs: 75-120 pounds
Bitches: 75-110 pounds
Dogs: 26-28 inches
Bitches: 24-26 inches
Country of Origin
Japan, 5000 v. Chr.
AKC Working Dogs
FCI Group V.: Spitz and Primitive types
TKC Working
Other Names
Japanese Akita, Great Japanese Dog

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