Bo - Our Cavapoo

Kutina, Croatia

Bo - Our Cavapoo
Kutina, Croatia
Date of Birth
Mar 06, 2020
Tomislav Mihalic
Kutina, Croatia

Owner’s Review

Dear Shane,

We cannot thank you guys enough for bringing Maximus into our home and our hearts. He is now called Bo.
He is the most beautiful puppy we have ever seen. So adorable, smart, full of energy, playful, but gentle at the same time. How he likes to cuddle and play… Sometimes we ask each other, is he a dog or a human.
We really could not be more pleased with him.
He is enjoying being with our (and now his) big family full of love.

Kind regards,

Breed information

Life Expectancy
12-16 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
4 to 10
Dogs: 9-25 pounds
Bitches: 9-25 pounds
Dogs: 9-14 inches
Bitches: 9-14 inches
Country of Origin
USA, mixed breed

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