Roxy - Our Bolognese

Monterey, United States

Roxy - Our Bolognese
Monterey, United States
Date of Birth
Oct 22, 2004
Carole Johnson
Monterey, United States

Owner’s Review

Dear Sandor,

This little girl is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet, cuddly, beautiful, playful… these attributes are all wonderful but even more impressive is how smart and courageous and what a fast learner she is!! She is 100% perfect and an absolute joy!

I had contemplated several names for a new girl puppy and had narrowed it down to Bronte, Chloe, Emma or Roxy. I have decided to call her Roxy because she is so full of moxie!

Roxy had her vet check yesterday and everything checked-out fine. Do you need me to send you something in writing from the vet? I will be happy to send you anything you need.

I want you and Roxy’s breeder to know that she is being given the best possible care. I will be working with a holistic vet to keep her in the best possible health. I only train with positive reinforcement, never with any form of punishment. She is currently being fed all natural (from the health food store) puppy food both moist and dry; it and purified water is available to her at all times. At some point, I will probably make her food myself. She is using her litterbox filled with newspaper exclusively. She and I have been on the same schedule since we got home. Sleep, eat and drink, go to the litterbox, play for about an hour, explore the new home, sleep, eat and drink, go to the litterbox, play for about an hour…..etc. She went with me on my daily morning 3 mile walk on Saturday (I carried her most of the time) but she had some happy exposure to people, saw lots of friendly dogs (but no contact; not until she is done with all her shots), experienced a little walking on a leash with harness (much safer than a collar) and went potty outside! My normal 1 hour 15 minute took 2 1/2 hours because everyone wanted to know about her. Several people wanted to know how to get “one just like her” so I told them to go on the web and look-up Europuppy!!

She is sitting next to me right now, up on my desk, laying on my robe and chewing on an al natural rawhide chew. Her behavior indicates that she feels completely at home with me. We ran errands in my Jeep on Sat. & Sun. and she really enjoys riding in the car. I would leave her for short periods (5 to 10 minutes) and then come back to reassure her that I will always come back if I do need to leave her in the car for a longer period of time. I am orienting her to look for love and affection and fun play from people rather than food. Also that is how I reward her for a job well done. It really seems better, in my experience, if a doggie thinks of food only as that yummy stuff in the dish!

Well I need to get going! As soon as I can take some time and learn how to use my digital camera and download pictures of Roxy and send them to you and her breeder, I will!

Please thank her breeder for me, from the bottom of my heart, for creating this incredible little girl. I couldn’t be happier!!!! Words can’t describe how wonderful she is!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly, the love of my life!

And Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Sandor for being so patient and helpful and professional with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn’t hesitate to refer a prospective puppy buyer to you and Europuppy!!
Take care; I promise to stay in touch!


Dear Sandor & Tibor,

Roxie (Beltrami Bianco Adrianna) is 6 months old as of the 23rd of April! She is perfect!!! Smart, eager to please, funny, loving, sensitive, incredible personality! She is very healthy!! As you know I took her to a vet hospital to have her health check done right after she arrived and on Monday I am going to call and make an appointment with a very highly recommended Holistic Vet for a 6 month check-up and to talk about what additional vaccinations Roxie will need. Also to talk about what is the best life long care for her so she can be healthy for many, many years!!

Sandor, I can’t thank you and Roxie’s wonderful breeder enough for creating and then being willing to send me this wonderful little being. She is the light of my life! I have trained her to go in a litterbox in the house and in the car as well as going outside when she needs to relieve herself. She is so smart, she learned this really fast. Of course we have had accidents but she is just a puppy and accidents are always the fault of the owner not the puppy! I want to say again, I never “punish” a puppy while training, only lots of clear re-directing and tons of praise!! She is very good at coming when called and when she starts to do something that might be dangerous for her, I make a distinct loud “ah, ah, ah!!!!” noise and she stops in her tracts immediately… then followed with lots of praise for responding to my command. She walks on a leash with me when I do my 3 mile walk along the beach each day, and then I let her off the leash to run on the beach with lots of other friendly dogs. She clearly enjoys playing with other dogs. I take her with me everywhere I go in the “motor den” (my car is a Jeep Cherokee)! In the car we have food, water, chews, toys and the litterbox. She enjoys going in the car and jumps in it as soon as I open the door! She sleeps with me in my bed of course! It is so cute and funny how she will keep herself entertained!! She likes to go up on the bed when it is made and rearrange the throw pillows!! She attacks them; it is very funny!! Also she has 3 animal toys (duck, frog & monkey) that each make the sound of real animals when they are squeezed. She loves to attack and shake and run around with these!!

I have taken many pictures of her and will continue to do so. I promise that as soon as I learn how to scan and download them into the computer, I will get them to you so you can forward them on to Roxie’s breeder. My life is extremely busy and I just have no had time to figure it out or have someone over to show me how to do it!!

Please forward this on to Roxie’s breeder to let them know how wonderfully her Adrianna is doing and how happy I am to have this incredibly wonderful puppy dog!!!! …who is sleeping on my lap as I write this to you.

Best wishes to you all!!!


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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
14 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
4 to 7
Dogs: 5-9 pounds
Bitches: 4-8 pounds
Dogs: 5-12 inches
Bitches: 10-11 inches
Country of Origin
FCI Group IX.: Companion and Toy Dogs
Other Names
Bichon Bolognese, Bolognese Toy Dog, Bolo, Botoli, Bottolo

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