Packo (Aka Inch) - Our Chihuahua

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Packo (Aka Inch) - Our Chihuahua
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date of Birth
Aug 21, 2012
Bassima Abou Chedid

Owner’s Review

Hi Steve & Eddy,

Merry Christmas to you & to the Euro Puppy team !

Thank you guys for your good service, and a big thank you to Terry who did his job professionally ;)

Inch or PACO as I have named him, has safely arrived to Dubai.
He is the most adorable & cutest pup I’ve ever laid eyes on.
I was so thrilled to see that he was a miniature for real ! Yes….much smaller
than I expected him to be & that made me feel so relieved as I had doubts about his size.
I know now for a fact, that photos make the puppies look much bigger than they truly are.
I simply adore him ;))

He is the best Christmas gift I have ever had.
He is very playful, energetic & friendly pup, he got along so fast with my other 5 months old chihuahua.
Today I took him to the vet for check up & everything seemed well.
Here are some pics of him that I have taken today.

Best Regards,


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