Thor - Our Dogue de Bordeaux

Auburndale, United States

Thor - Our Dogue de Bordeaux
Auburndale, United States
Date of Birth
Aug 06, 2007
Natasha & Leon Kerner
Auburndale, United States

Owner’s Review

Hi Mario, sorry it’s taken so long to get pics to you. I know you wanted them earlier. Thor (Nissan) is 4 months old now and just a love. The Bordeaux is set to be fully recognized by the AKC this summer! We have a contact that is interested in seeing Thor and possibly showing him (keep your fingers crossed). Either way, he is a great dog and we can’t wait to see how he develops as an adult. These pics were taken yesterday. We’ll keep in touch and thanks again for inviting us to your unique sanctuary down south, if we’d been there any longer I’d have come home with one of your Caucasian/St. Bernard pups, too cute!


Hello Mario – I just wanted to send you some updated pics of Thor (Nissan). Feel free to add them to his puppy pics on the testimonials page. He just turned a year old in August and is still a huge love puppy! He’s got a great personality and is still growing like a weed, we’re wondering if he’ll ever stop! These 2 pics were taken when he was 10 months old. We’re thinking of putting him up for stud in the future so if you’re interested let us know. We’ll be getting his hips tested in a few months. He’s a great boy. Thanks a bunch. Natasha

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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
8-10 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
6 to 8
Extra Large
Dogs: 110-145 pounds
Bitches: 99-120 pounds
Dogs: 23-30 inches
Bitches: 22-27 inches
Country of Origin
AKC Working Dogs
FCI Group II.: Pinscher and Schnauzer- Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs
TKC Working
Other Names
French Mastiff, Bordeaux Bulldog

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