Leo - Our Golden Retriever

Kuwait, Kuwait

Leo - Our Golden Retriever
Kuwait, Kuwait
Date of Birth
Nov 25, 2009
Fawaz Al-Wazzan
Kuwait, Kuwait

Owner’s Review

Hello Eddie!

Hope everything is great with you,
My and my family are so happy with Leo (Jack), he is healthy, happy and amazing!
This is a picture I would love to share in your gallery or anywhere you think will help and spread the love :)

Thanks for the best dog ever!

Fawaz and Family

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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
10-12 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
6 to 10
Dogs: 60-80 pounds
Bitches: 55-70 pounds
Dogs: 22-24 inches
Bitches: 20-22 inches
Country of Origin
Great Britain
AKC Sporting Dogs
FCI Group VIII.: Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs
TKC Gundog
Other Names
Yellow Retriever

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