Geddy & Honey - Our Jack Russell Terrier

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Geddy & Honey - Our Jack Russell Terrier
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date of Birth
May 04, 2011
Karen Barkas & John Ord

Owner’s Review

Hi Eddie,

I have attached some pictures. Geddy, our rescue dog (Missy) and Honey are getting on well.

What can I say… ‘Honey Bunny’ is the sweetest little thing and you did really well finding such a cutie, also great work getting her here so quickly, for which many thanks have to be shared with Sandor and Tibor.

My Eddie… that is dedication at Christmas. I have 3 days off for Christmas and then will be returning to work in time to review some tender returns.

I hope you have an excellent Christmas Eddie.

I shall sort out a small video of the pups this weekend for you, it will probably give you better images. Russell’s have a bounce factor… I am at a loss to understand how you always manage to get such good pictures of the dogs on the website. I always get 6 pictures of tails or a nose or two before I get one picture showing the full dog!

Take care of yourself and thank you as always.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

PS Geddy Update – He can be found clearing the table after the BBQs as soon as people go inside he hops up onto the table and ensures that nothing we accidently leave goes to waste, he’s a clever little thing.
I am sure my boss at work would take him home if he could, he retires next year and is very taken by Geddy. So we’ll see if he can talk his wife into a dog and pass on your details.

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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
13-15 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
4 to 8
Dogs: 13-18 pounds
Bitches: 11-15 pounds
Dogs: 10-14 inches
Bitches: 8-12 inches
Country of Origin
Great Britain
FCI Group III.: Terriers
Other Names
Parson Jack Russell Terrier, Puddin Dog, Shortie

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