Zoe - Our Norwich Terrier

Houston, United States

Zoe - Our Norwich Terrier
Houston, United States
Date of Birth
Mar 24, 2007
Laura T. Gelber
Houston, United States

Owner’s Review

Hi Eddie and Sandor:

Thank you for your kind remarks regarding the new blog photos of Zoe. My daughter put the photos up after seeing your new Norwich terriers for sale. We didn’t realize Zoe changed so much in appearance from when we first got her. She came to us as an adorable black and tan-faced pup and grew into a beautiful blonde-faced Norwich terrier just like her show winning parents.

We LOVE Zoe and can’t thank you enough for selling such a high quality dog(s). If we didn’t have so many dogs now (4), I would not hesitate to purchase from you again and again . Your new Norwich terrier pups are adorable and from good stock. They will bring any future owner(s) so much joy. I envy them. We want another one, but we must restrict ourselves as we have several dogs as it is. Zoe is our pride and joy, though. EVERYONE who meets her falls in love with her instantly.

Zoe came here very happy and healthy….from the beginning! It was hard to believe she came here on such a long air flight from Hungary because she came alert, attentive and lovable from the first second we let her out of her crate. We will never forget that moment. It’s as if she knew she was my “baby”! She was not stressed out at all and has been a confident, obedient, smart terrier from the very beginning. You must have made sure the pups are well screened and taken care of through the entire process for her to come here in such excellent condition. She is very bright, always happy and a constant joy to my life daily. She follows me everywhere and sleeps in my bed every night. We bought her to help my loneliness and she has taken care of me more than you will ever know.

We can’t thank you enough for bringing so much happiness in our lives through your reputable breeders in Europe. We know you will keep up the good work in making sure the dog selling business is done right and in the best interest of the animal and owner!



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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
12-15 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
1 to 3
Dogs: 10-12 pounds
Bitches: 9-11 pounds
Dogs: 10-12 inches
Bitches: 9-11 inches
Country of Origin
AKC Terriers
FCI Group III.: Terriers
TKC Terrier
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