Tamsin - Our Pekingese

Valencia, Spain

Tamsin - Our Pekingese
Valencia, Spain
Date of Birth
Sep 19, 2010
Perle F.
Valencia, Spain

Owner’s Review

Dear Sandor

It was good to hear from you and I shall be pleased to complete and return your survey.
I will return it to you later today or tomorrow morning when I have a little more spare time-.

As for my puppy Tamsin,she is all I could ever have hoped for.

She is growing into a very beautiful little dog and has a wonderful temperament. She is much admired -especial by my vet and the nurses in the surgery – and I am so pleased I came to you to find her for me. You mentioned at the time that the breeder was not one of your regular ones,but I have to commend him/her for the quality and temperament of the puppy.

I have told so many people of how I came to purchase her and of the care and professionalism of your Company. You made the whole transaction so easy and I am so grateful to you for having found me such a delightful little companion and friend.

I am attaching a photo of her taken four weeks ago. She has grown quite a bit since then !!

Invidentally, I hope your cousin’s baby is making good progress and that her circumstances have improved.

Warm regards


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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
10-15 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
2 to 4
Dogs: 8-10 pounds
Bitches: 6-8 pounds
Dogs: 6-9 inches
Bitches: 5-7 inches
Country of Origin
AKC Toy Dogs
FCI Group IX.: Companion and Toy Dogs
Other Names
Lion Dog, Peking Palasthund, Foo dog, Peke

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