Astra - Our Rottweiler

Dayton, United States

Astra - Our Rottweiler
Dayton, United States
Date of Birth
Apr 14, 2002
Carey Hudson
Dayton, United States

Owner’s Review

Hi Sandor,

Not sure if you remember me, but I bought Asta from you in June. She is doing FANTASTIC. I could not have hand-picked a better dog. Not only is she beautiful, but her temperament is so good. My vet could not believe how sound she is, and steady. He even commented to everyone in the office that “this is the way a Rottweiler *should* be!”. I am so very pleased with her. She sleeps every night in my room and spends the rest of the day next to my side. She loves my 4 year old son, too. I am including a picture of them.

Thanks again for helping me get my dream dog. I bred her back to a pup from one of my first litters. That “pup” is now almost 10 years old. Asta’s litter was due yesterday. I know you said she had a litter in Hungary. Do you know if she normally goes over her due date and if she is an easy whelper and good mom? I think she will be.

After this litter, she will start showing in November. I think she will do very well, I have gotten so many compliments on her!

Carey Hudson
Rottweilers of Armani

Hi Sandor,
Just wanted to send you an update on “Asta”– U-CH/HJCH
Asta V Schwarzen Diamant, CGC, RTD (TDI & Delta), SD, OFA, CERF. I
purchased her from you in June of ’02. In the short time I have had
her, she has attained her UKC Championship, CGC, TDI and passed her
Delta certification with the highest ratings.
We will be helping so
many other people through Animal Assisted Therapy/Activities because of
her impeccable, correct temperament. I’ve had 2 litters out of Asta
(and no more since she is getting spayed so we can concentrate on
getting more working titles!) which have produced 3 UKC Champions and 2
CGC’s (so far! I expect several more titled pups). Since the 2nd litter
is only 8 months old, I expect there to be several more champions and
working titled dogs out of the litters. Your honesty in
telling me about her faults (bit light in the eye and throws big pups)
helped me to be able to choose an appropriate sire for her pups. I
can’t tell you enough what a wonderful dog Asta is.
addition to being a fantastic show and breeding animal, she has a
flawless temperament (as evidenced by her multiple temperament titles)
and she has even started serving me in the capacity of a Service Dog.
She now accompanies me everywhere: college, grocery, shopping, etc. She
is a fantastic ambassador for this special breed. Having been involved
in Rottweilers for 14 years, I knew exactly what I was looking for when
I contacted you about a Rottweiler. Being a member several COE clubs I
also had to keep in mind that I am a COE breeder, and as such, must
follow stringent guidelines in breeding my dogs. Asta has was
everything you promised– and MORE!
Here is a picture of Asta from
the ARC 2004 Nationals and a picture of her 7 month old son, Armani’s
Black Tie Affair “Dior”. Thanks again and I will continue to update you
on Asta and her puppy’s accomplishments!

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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
10-12 years
Learning Rate
Very high
Litter Size
5 to 12
Extra Large
Dogs: 95-130 pounds
Bitches: 85-115 pounds
Dogs: 24-27 inches
Bitches: 22-25 inches
Country of Origin
Ancient Rome / Germany
AKC Working Dogs
FCI Group II.: Pinscher and Schnauzer- Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs
TKC Working
Other Names
Rottie, Rott

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