Vegas - Our Transylvanian Hound

Indianapolis, United States

Vegas - Our Transylvanian Hound
Indianapolis, United States
Date of Birth
Mar 28, 2010
Jean-Pierre Mobasser
Indianapolis, United States

Owner’s Review

Our tired little puppy finally made it home. He is bouncing back quickly. Thanks so much to all.

Jean-Pierre Mobasser


So glad you want to see more photos. Vegas is a great dog who likes LOTS
of attention. He enjoys playing outside with our Vizsla. He likes
taking long walks, and more than anything he likes having his belly
rubbed. Sorry I had to send three separate emails but I couldn’t put all
three photos on one email. Please feel free to ask us again in the
future if you want more.

Best regards,
Erica Mobasser

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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
10-12 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
6 to 8
Dogs: 66-77 pounds
Bitches: 60-70 pounds
Dogs: 22-26 inches
Bitches: 18-22 inches
Country of Origin
FCI Group VI.: Scenthounds and Related Breeds
Other Names
Erdelyi Kopo, Hungarian Hound

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