Riley - Our Vizsla

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Riley - Our Vizsla
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Date of Birth
Dec 31, 1969
Sharon Hamme
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Owner’s Review

Hi Steve,

Oh my goodness! Riley is such a wonderful dog. He has been with us just one day now and he is amazingly already settled in to the “family”. He is so sweet and eager to please. He is full of energy, playful, but gentle at the same time. He has met all the neighbors, kids, adults, and dogs and been a friendly good boy with all of them.

He loves his long walks with me, and is learning to get along with our cats as well. He isn’t at all aggressive with the cats – no, they are the ones that are not nice!

He is a joy to have, and I so much appreciate all the help you and Euro Puppy gave during the long task of importing a dog into Saudi Arabia.

You can be sure that I will e referring anyone that wants a dog to your company. And when I am ready for another one – I will be in touch!

Here are just a few early pictures of Riley. He is learning very quickly how to play inside. And he also knows where his toys are and when to stop being playful. What a great natured dog. I will try to get some outside and send them tomorrow after he has his appointment with our Veterinarian.

Best Regards,

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Highlights of the Breed

Life Expectancy
12-15 years
Learning Rate
Litter Size
6 to 8
Dogs: 45-60 pounds
Bitches: 40-55 pounds
Dogs: 22-26 inches
Bitches: 20-24 inches
Country of Origin
AKC Sporting Dogs
FCI Group VII.: Pointing Dogs
TKC Gundog
Other Names
Hungarian Vizsla, Hungarian Pointer, Drotszoru Magyar Vizsla

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