Martin - Unsere Boxer

Hilliard, United States

Martin - Unsere Boxer
Hilliard, United States
Jan 10, 2005
Micah Schmidt
Hilliard, USA

Bewertung des Eigentümers


We picked Martin up at the airport today. He is AWESOME! It didn’t take long for him to settle in to our home/family, and he appears to be in good health and good spirits (although a bit on the skinny side).

I’ll be taking him to the vet for a check-up on Saturday and I’ll let you know how that goes. If you need me to do anything else about the wire transfer, just let me know.

I took some quick pictures of him today and I thought you might like to see them.

Thanks again!

Micah in Ohio


I just wanted to take a minute to update you on the dog we bought from you in March.

First of all… He is an absolute joy! He’s become quite a little clown and keeps us on our toes. He is also getting big. We weighed him two days ago and he was 45lbs (20.41kg) at 5 months old! He is going to be huge, but at least he is finally growing into those big feet!

We really couldn’t be happier with him. He is an awesome Boxer and a great addition to our family. I also included a picture of him that we took yesterday so you can see how he is developing.

I keep checking your website to see if there are any females with similar backgrounds, but there haven’t been any new additions for a while. Are there any upcoming litters that you know of? Any brindle females that I might be interested in? If you recall, I was looking for a female with solid show and working bloodlines to (eventually) breed with Martin. We want to get one soon, so keep me posted.

Again… Thank you so much! We couldn’t be happier!

Micah in Ohio

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10-12 Jahre
6 to 10
Extra große
Hunde: 60-70 Pfunde
Hündin: 53-65 Pfunde
Hunde: 22-25 zoll
Hündin: 21-24 zoll
Germany, 19th century
AKC Working Dogs
FCI Group II.: Pinscher and Schnauzer- Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs
TKC Working
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German Boxer

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