Lilly - Unsere Magyar Vizsla

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Lilly - Unsere Magyar Vizsla
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nov 02, 2010
Leandra Meintjes
Dubai, VAE

Bewertung des Eigentümers

Dear All

Hope you are all well and had a great weekend.

We finally can send you some qt pictures of our little Lilly (Hungarian Vizsla)! She arrived last week Sat and it was all systems go… she is a little busy body but a real joy! She looks like a little bokkie (a little buck for my English friends).

We are really blessed with her, she is still learning all the new sounds and sights but has a lot of energy and loves to go walkies and loves to go for a ride in Greg’s car.

She has 3 kitty brothers and sisters, Kleintjie, Blackie and Liefie who will be with her for 6mnths or so before they jet off to Aus. They get along really well, when she finds them she does the point and freeze move real hunting dog pro! Mom and Dad are so proud.

Greg just loves the little Vizsla noises she makes, especially when she sleeps. Little moans and groans – do not disturb her beauty sleep then it becomes a looooong moan tooo qt!

We definitely recommend Euro Puppy they were great in selecting and sending our perfect pooch.

Well enjoy the pictures we are going back to cuddle with our Bokkie

All the best from the Dubai kidz and Dubai puppy!

Dear Sandor

I trust this email finds you well! Just a little picture update from Dubai.

As you can see little Lilly is doing great she is such a little super star. She can sit, give paw, lie down, crawl and we are working on roll over very funny to see. she also waits and stays very well. Not a big eater like our Lab used to be so great around food as well.

She only has two bad habits – jumping (but getting better) and play biting us… working on that too.

Thank you once again for such a great addition to our family

All my best

Warm regards

Leandra, Greg and Lilly

Getting ready for winter in Dubai :) Lilly wearing her new jacket with a new toy – piggy

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