Cookie - Our Yorkshire Terrier

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Name Cookie
Gender female
Date of Birth: Feb 28, 2011

Owner: Anita Quade

Hi Eddie

So sorry have been away but will have this to you by the end of the week.
I must just add that Cookie is just the most adorable puppy i have set eyes on. She is so healthy and looks so happy prancing around the apartment – beautiful shiny coat and such a sweet nature. She also hasn’t barked once as yet.

I have attached a pic and will send some from my actual camera when i can download them.

She seems so comfortable at home – i wanted to ask you – when she was with the breeder was she inside with them and did she have many other animals to play with? She is so well trained!

Thanks again she is just beyond my expectations – hopefully will be able to buy another some day! :)


Dubai, UAE

Hi eddie,

Just a note we are looking for another puppy- ideally from cookies mother or dad. She has settled in so well, we love her and want to give her a playmate. Can you let me know if the mother wld have any more pups?

Meanwhile her is pic of my cookie.


Dubai, UAE


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Hunderassen Info

12-15 Jahre
2 to 3
Hunde: 4-7 Pfunde
Hündin: 3-6 Pfunde
Hunde: 6-9 inches
Hündin: 5-7 inches
Andere Namen
England and Scotland
AKC Toy Dogs, FCI Group III.: Terriers, TKC Toy

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