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Training Service

All of our breeders provide love and care and some level of socialization to the puppies which is the most important experience for them at the age they are before travelling to our customers. However, when our customers asked us about training in the past, we had to say that our puppies come without training. Is this really true? No, but the level and extent of the training our breeders provide our puppies with is so varied that to avoid any disappointment, this is what we must tell our customers. However, many customers were asking for their puppies to be trained, and we do know good trainers who have worked with us, so after a successful testing period we decided to offer this service to our customers.

The training includes 3-4 weeks of personal, in-house training. Your puppy will be living together with the trainer who is a veterinary assistant, and her own dogs, inside her home. The dogs follow her everywhere, often even to work.

What is included in the training?


Meeting humans and dogs of different sizes and ages in a controlled environment, and getting your puppy used to how to behave in such situations.

“His socialization training was the most beneficial as he allowed children, people, and other animals approach him without jumping on them or showing any aggression towards them. In fact, a toddler walked up to him (I was supervising) and played with him. He was not aggressive or acted in any way that may have harmed the young girl. People have approached me to comment on how well behaved he is.”

Walking on the leash in urban environments with high traffic, off the leash in forests, parks. Getting used to car rides, different work environments, and life situations that the puppy gets into just by occasionally following our trainer in her everyday life.

Obedience, commands:

At 3-4 months of age we believe that the emphasis should be on getting the puppy used to training, and concentrating on 4-5 key words that establish the base of any future training, and helps you keep your puppy safe upon arrival. The usual key words are sit, stay, come, no, and down. However, if you would like to substitute for different ones, you are welcome to do so.

“Having the trainer teach him a few commands really well was just right as he followed them all.”

Potty training:

Naturally, the trainer will train your puppy and create a routine. However, the feedback was not great in any breeds with the success of this. We believe that it is due to the age of the puppies (too young to get perfect results) and the changing environment and routine after arrival. So, although there will be efforts made to get your puppy house-trained, we will not make this a part of the training package. Whatever results the trainer gets is a bonus, you should treat it as a good base for the potty training that you will have to do.

Keep a close eye on your puppy while being trained:

Also included in the package is regular feedback of how the puppy’s training is getting along, including photos and videos, and when the puppy flies to you a detailed description of what you have to do to maintain (and use) the results, from the trainer.

The price for this service, including the lodging we have to pay for the trainer, is 590 USD. This pricing is valid if the training takes place between 3 and 4 months of age of the puppy. It is possible to start the training at a later point in time, please contact our customer relations team about the pricing in such a case.


“My dog learned the basic commands; come, no, sit, and down through the Euro Puppy class (3-week class) at 13 weeks old. He also learned how to play with other dogs, people, how to control himself, and listen to my commands. His training gave us the foundation from which to build on and it’s well worth the cost.”

Curious About Our Dog Training Service?

If you are interested in getting our exclusive and professional training service, then please fill in the form below with any questions or comments you have. We will then email you a summary of your request and shortly you will hear from one of our breed experts.

Train your puppy the right way!

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