Gutsy - Afghane Welpen kaufen

Gutsy - Afghane Welpen kaufen
$ 3 828 (Welpenpreis)
Lebenslange Gesundheit Garantie
$ 53 FREI
ISO Mikrochip:
$ 32 FREI
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Anmerkungen des Züchters

Colourful and graceful, clever and observant; Gutsy is the most agile pup of this Afghan Hound litter.

The Afghan Hound is my only breed and I also show my dogs.

I am very pleased to say that both sire and dam are show winners, and Champion Afghan Hounds!

Owning an Afghan Hound is akin to having a living work of art grace your home. With their regal bearing and cascading, silky coat, these dogs embody elegance. Beyond appearances, their personalities are equally captivating. Playful yet dignified, they delight in bounding through open spaces, their free-spirited nature evident in every graceful stride.

The ideal home for an Afghan Hound is one that complements their beauty and spirit. A spacious environment allows them to revel in their love for running, while a loving and patient family provides the affection they crave. Grooming, a substantial commitment due to their long coat, becomes a bonding ritual, forging a deeper connection. In return for this devotion, the Afghan Hound graces your life with an enduring charm that turns every day into a refined adventure.

They flourish in an environment that appreciates their inherent protectiveness and thrives on engaging their sharp intelligence. A spacious dwelling with room to roam allows their majestic nature to shine.

Regular exercise and mental stimulation are key to their contentment, as they love nothing more than conquering challenges and being a part of a closely-knit pack. With the right care and affection, the American Akita transforms your home into a haven of noble companionship.

This pup will of course come with all details of vaccinations and deworming to date, microchip and a lifetime guarantee.
4 Monate
May 21, 2023

Eine Verpflichtung fürs Leben

Alle unsere Welpen haben eine lebenslange Garantie. Auch wenn ihr Hund bedauerlicherweise an einer tödlichen Krankheit oder an einer angeborenen Krankheit, die die Lebensqualität des Hundes verändert, sind Sie versichert. Wir versichern Ihr Hund auch gegen Patellenluxation und gegen ernsthafte Hüft- und Ellbogendysplasie. Und das ist für das ganze Leben Ihres Hundes. Wir hoffen, daß Sie dieser Tragödie nicht begegnen oder daß unsere Garantie in Kraft tritt, so versichern wir Ihnen, daß Sie die besten Welpen bekommen, die aus genetisch gesunden Blutlinien stammen.

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San Francisco, United States

Dania Bonjoc

New York, United States

Kim Latham

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dudeldorf, Germany

Höhepunkte der Rasse

12-15 Jahre
6 to 8
Extra große
Hunde: 50-60 Pfunde
Hündin: 40-50 Pfunde
Hunde: 25-27 inches
Hündin: 23-25 inches
Andere Namen
Tazi, Baluchi Hound